abstract: Code Literacy

Aus Gründen sammle ich gerade Texte mit Argumenten zur Frage, ob und wie möglichst viele Menschen lernen sollten zu programmieren.


Please Don’t Learn to Code

  • “everyone should learn programming” meme has gotten out of control
  • «To those who argue programming is an essential skill we should be teaching our children, right up there with reading, writing, and arithmetic: can you explain to me how Michael Bloomberg would be better at his day to day job of leading the largest city in the USA if he woke up one morning as a crack Java coder? It is obvious to me how being a skilled reader, a skilled writer, and at least high school level math are fundamental to performing the job of a politician. Or at any job, for that matter. But understanding variables and functions, pointers and recursion? I can’t see it.»
  • «I would no more urge everyone to learn programming than I would urge everyone to learn plumbing.»
  • Das Ziel ist nicht Software, sondern Problemlösung.
  • Lässt sich das Problem wirklich am besten mit Software lösen?